Monday, March 16, 2015

The Shedding of Spring

With the first glimmers of Spring , humankind seems alight with celebration. One half of my weary wintered soul is, as well.

The truth, though. Ugh. The truth that I fear that no one will understand, is that a large part of me is fearful of the coming of warmer days.

Winter is a season for hiding, for hunkering down inside a warm shelter, safe from the howling winds outside. Burying yourself inside books so that you are lost inside of a world of problems that are not, and will never be, your own. Layering yourself in bulky clothing until your shadow is no longer recognizable to anyone-including yourself.

Winter is a time when it is socially acceptable to be an introvert. Hibernation seems sensible when the temperatures dip beneath zero and the snow is stacked in now dirty piles outside your door.

However, with the sunshine comes the uncomfortable task of readying yourself for the removal of your protective layers. Stripping off the bulky clothing to see what form of yourself is now left underneath after the long winter. I feel painfully exposed, physically and emotionally.

I love the sunshine, I truly do. Every cell in my body drinks in those first spring rays and do a Vitamin D happy dance of exhilaration. Spring and summer are lovely times of the year and my bared feet will be calloused and dirty soon enough from kissing the outside ground.

But now, now I must ready my soul to leave my warm, safe home and emerge into the light. I must prepare my body and mind to be seen in the blinding sunlight. I must prepare for the exposure, for everything looks ever so different in the light.

I remind myself that I am the same person, in the darkness and in the light. And, I emerge bare footed, face tilted to the sky- ready to receive the light.

Shine on, my dear Lightworkers. Emerge into the sun confident of your own place of light in this often dark world. I salute you.


  1. The sun truly warms me in a way that a heated home in winter cannot.

    1. I do agree with that, Jennifer!

  2. Beautiful. I really love Autumn & Winter & I dislike Spring & Summer - I never considered whether my introvert nature had any bearing on that.