Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Check Your Baggage Here

I was recently scrolling through my social media feeds and someone had posted a picture of themselves in an airport, happily posing next to a "Check Your Baggage Here" sign.

I was having a rough, rough day. A sick child. No sleep for weeks. Work had piled up during my time out with my sick little one. My house was in shambles. I was feeling desperately torn between work and home.

I felt as though my knees would buckle under the weight of my own world.

Oddly, just the sight of that sign- Check Your Baggage Here- made me feel lighter. It was a smacking realization that some, if not most, of what I was carrying could be laid down. Everything was going to be okay. I simply had to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Everything did not have to be done today.

I hope that each of you have a sacred place where you can check your baggage at the door. Maybe some of that figurative baggage never needs to be picked up again- just leave that shit there on the floor, where it belongs. You have enough to carry already.

Lay down your worries, they have never served you anyway.

Lay down your to-do list, it will be waiting for you tomorrow.

Lay down the expectation that you must be perfect, no one is.

Lay down your negative thoughts, positive thoughts are so much lighter to carry.

Lay down your comparison to others, that is a game one can never win.

Lay it ALL down. Take a deep breath. Don't you feel lighter already?

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