Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheers to a year of mistakes and shortcomings!

Here's to mistakes. Small ones, big ones, bold ones. Mistakes that throw you off the path you thought you should follow and onto the path you were MEANT to follow, even if it means you must walk it alone. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Season of Perpetual Hope

I was walking through downtown Des Moines yesterday and there was man,who appeared to be homeless,  sitting on the sidewalk and frantically rustling through a dirty knapsack. I imagined that the knapsack may contain all of his Earthly possessions and I found myself watching him, wondering what he feared he had lost.

As I watched, I saw his face light up as he found what he was looking for. Out of that dirty knapsack came an equally dirty red santa hat, the white at the bottom of the hat now a dingy yellow with bits of leaves stuck in the fluff. The man placed that dirty hat carefully on his head and stood up, his posture now proud. He said a cheerful "Merry Christmas!" to those he passed as he walked proudly down the street with his knapsack now slung across his back and even those who I imagine may have ignored him at another time of year happily smiled and replied back to him with a jovial "Merry Christmas!"

I could not help from wondering why if this man, a man deeply down on his luck, could wear his Christmas spirit proudly in the form of a dirty, battered Santa hat, there were any reason why the rest of us could not rustle up a bit of hope and joy to spread to those around us.

love winter snow bird

Merry Christmas, Dear Ones. May hope fill your heart, no matter your circumstances.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Gratitude is found in the most unusual of places.

There was an elderly man buzzing about in a wheelchair in  the parking lot of an apartment complex I was at today. He approached me and we chatted about the weather and the day. I noticed that he appeared to have been the recipient of a fairly recent double, above-knee amputation.

 We spoke for a few minutes, with him doing the vast majority of the talking as he happily puffed away on the dissolving bud of a cigar. He seemed absolutely delighted to have a few minutes of company.

We parted ways as we said our goodbyes and as I walked away he hollered after me, saying "enjoy those legs, young lady!" as he buzzed away with a grin.

I will, Sir.
Today, I will not lament the width of thighs or bemoan my hot, swollen feet at the end of my shift.

Today, my feet will kiss the ground with gratitude for each step that I take. And, for that, kind Sir- I thank you.

Shine on, Dear Ones, shine on.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I was driving home from a long day at work this week. As a visiting nurse, I serve primarily those living in poverty and have become someone accustomed to driving through bleak areas of town. That afternoon as I drove, I was crying a bit and wishing that I had been able to help a client in a desperate situation more than I had. You could say that I was having a one person pity-party.

I was driving on streets riddled with pot holes, surrounded by small, dilapidated homes that I knew often housed multiple families inside their drafty, bleak interiors. Then, I spotted a glorious sight. There were two children holding hands as they walked along the battered sidewalk. Their winter coats were thread-bare and dirty and I'm certain the mittens full of holes were not providing them with much warmth against the brutal winter wind.

Yet, they seemed oblivious to the biting cold and the poverty which surrounded them. They clasped hands and spun in circles until they would fall dizzy and delirious onto the dead, winter grass. If I allowed my tears to blur my vision so that their clothing and the houses behind them were unclear, they could have been two children living anywhere.

Just a boy and girl.

Brother and Sister.

Choosing to live in joy, despite terrible circumstances.

Choosing to be in the moment with someone they love.

We hope to instill life lessons into the children around us, but isn't it often those same children who teach us how to live?

Bloom where you are planted, Dear Ones. Choose joy. Choose love.

Shine On.