Wednesday, February 4, 2015

People Watching

first impressions look again

I watched the others around me. They were watching her too.

I could see that they were noticing her cherry red lipstick, freshly applied as she puckered her lips in her reflection in the mirror. Eyes focused upon her tiny, bright red skirt that barely covered her bottom. She noted their prying eyes and bent to pick up an imaginary something off of the floor, reveling in the attention.

Women were shooting angry glances as their husbands struggled to focus on the conversation at hand.  I could see into the minds of the men around me, imagining her confident prowess in the bedroom.

What I noticed was ever so different. She sat at the table alone, eyes roaming the room as if in wish of company. Her hands shook ever so gently and she kept spilling small amounts of her drink into her lap. I wondered if the shaking was nervousness, addiction or illness.

What I noticed most of all was the air of sadness all around her, as through she held so much melancholy inside of her that it could not remain trapped underneath her skin.

All is not as it often appears at first glance.

Look again. Look again. Rustle up the kindness within you for those that need it most, but appear at first glance to need it the least.

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