Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Gift of Winter's Dormancy

I am a weathered, winter's tree.

Limbs stripped bare by the brutal winds, devoid of the life which once flowered upon me.

Arms cold.



Outstretched to the sky in wait.

I lie desperate and willing for the green leaves of spring, longing for the fullness of life anew.


I feel that the dormancy of winter is heavily underrated. Loathed even.

Here in Iowa the winters are often brutally cold and send most of us into a hibernation of sorts for the bitter months. It is not uncommon during these times to log on to social media to see a myriad of fellow Midwesterners damning the winter in non-uncertain terms.

I admit to having some fairly horrid thoughts of my own during some the most brutal below-zero days. Especially in January, when I often get a debilitating case of the Januaries. You know The Januaries, right? When the cheer of the holidays has passed and you find yourself lost in the stark monotony of post-Christmas January?

I often find myself hunkering down for entire weekends, reading and journaling and turning into myself. This is where the winter dormancy gets good, Dear Ones. During those busy summer months, there is often little time for inner reflection.

Today, allow yourself the gift of winter's dormancy. Prepare your own fields for the surplus of the coming Spring. And, do not allow yourself to forget the promise of the warm sun is just around the bend.

Shine on. Inside and out, Dear Ones.

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