Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Art of Zen Parenting: Dance it off!

How-to Shake Off a Bad Day

Everyone has bad days, right. EVERYONE. That, of course, includes our children. We, as parents, would love to protect them from the big, bad world but that is both impossible and unhealthy as they need to gain the skills to navigate the world while still in the protective comfort of childhood.

I have many techniques for helping my kiddos de-stress, but this is one of the favorites for my girls. My 13 year old son, however, is no longer such a fan. :)

When one of the girls(ages 9 and 5) have a rough day, we put on our "Happy" playlist and they pick an appropriate song. Then we belt the song out at the top of our lungs and dance wildly around our living room until we are dripping with sweat and out of breath from all of the giggling. It is impossible to stay in a funk after this, for both the girls and their Mama.

The girls often choose songs that I wouldn't have necessarily added to my iTunes list on my own. However, some of these unlikely songs have now become my go-to songs in the midst of a bad day.

Our current list includes some of the following:

Happy by Pharrell Williams(when we just need cheering up)

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift(to literally shake off a bad day)

We Are The Champions by Queen(to remind ourselves that we are, indeed, champions)

It is a super simple, fun way to transition from a lousy school/life day into a time of family togetherness. And, shaking your booty is a good workout as well.

What are your favorite songs to shake off a bad day?

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  1. Happy is a song that just .... makes me happy:)