Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life in the Digital Age: The Power of Positive Passwords

Ugh. Passwords. Doesn't everything today require a password? We each have a myriad of passwords commited to memory, on a list hidden in our desk, locked inside an app in our phone that *gasp* also requires a password. And, just when a password becomes a natural rote way of entering a computer, web-site, door, etc....we're told that it's time to change that password again.


For many years my passwords were easily memorable, benign words from my life- names of loved ones, pets, school mascots....whatever. However, about a year ago I heard a podcast(I cannot remember which one it was- gah!) which suggested making my passwords positive reflections of the life that I want. It made complete sense to me to have a password that I would be memorizing and typing repeatedly as something positive and productive to me. A repetitive reminder of what I want from life.

So, obviously I am not going to tell you my actual passwords, but here are some suggestions for you:

Worried about finances? - how about working in the words abundant or wealthy into your passwords?

Self-worth an issue for you? - how about IAmAmazing or such sentiment worked into your password?

Stress got you down? - how about IAmCalm or IHaveEverythingINeed or ThisTooWillPass worked into your e-mail?

You get the drift, Dear Ones. Obviously, this isn't going to cure all that ails you, but it is a great way to stride towards a more positive inner voice.

And, of course- make sure that your passwords are secure and you don't give them to others- even if you do want to share the most awesome password ever that makes you smile everytime you type it in!

Shine on, Dear Ones. In the most positive of ways.

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