Friday, November 11, 2016

I Choose Love

I was speaking with one of my co-workers today, a woman who was once a refugee from Sudan. I asked if she was scared. 
There was a pregnant pause and then she asked if I was on Facebook. I replied yes and she asked if I've seen all the funny things on Facebook since the election ended.
I was confused. I replied that I've seen hate and anger and sadness, but not funny posts. 
She proceeded to tell me, while laughing heartily, about posts where black people paint themselves white and Barack Obama packs his bags to leave the country after seeing that Trump is elected president. 
This time I was the one with the pregnant pause. I replied that I didn't find those things funny but I was glad that she was able to find joy in this.
Her face hardened and she leaned into me and said, "I have seen what hate can do and I am choosing laughter instead of fear." 
I have officially been schooled by someone with a larger capacity for love than I. I'm choosing love over fear in honor of my refugee friends, coworkers and patients. You inspire me to the ends of the earth. You make this country the amazing place that it is. I love you.


  1. Wonderful that she can find some humor in all this fear and hatred. I'm sure she's experienced things we cannot imagine.

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