Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Like an Animal

When we say that someone is "like an animal", it's not meant as a compliment. It means that someone has lost control and is violent or desperate. 
However, I was lying on my back in the pool tonight, watching the sky. The birds and the dragonflies were flying above and me and I couldn't help but want to be like an animal. Not in the way that the phrase is often used but like an animal in the way that they are in the moment, flying through the air without a care or worry, not thinking about the past or tomorrow. 
I floated in the pool, weightless, allowing the tension in my muscles to float away and clearing my mind of anything but the skies above me. I felt as free as the birds flying over me, like an animal in the best of ways. 
I need to escape my own humanity more often.

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