Friday, March 4, 2016

Embracing Our Emotions(why it's okay to be a crybaby)

As a child I was often mocked for my propensity to tears. I feel things strongly and would often cry if another classmate cried, if the book I was reading became sad, if a teacher was harsh with another student-- you get the idea. There were children that chose not to be friends with me because I was a "Crybaby".

As I became older I found many other coping mechanisms and found myself crying in public less and less. I still cried in private as I found that crying was a great release of the pain and sadness that I often felt, particularly at the end of the day after being bombarded by the sadness and pain of others all day. As an empath, I have always been sensitive to the feelings of others and having a "release valve" is important.

I find that, particularly as an adult, crying has a stigma attached to it. Many perceive crying as a sign of weakness. I believe that such a thought could not be further from the truth.

The emotional and physical release of crying(which is believed to assist our body in releasing stress hormones and toxins) allows us to purge ourselves of negative feelings and move on with our life. Without a form of release, we do not have the emotional space within us to continue to tackle life at a deeper level. I believe that crying makes us stronger human beings.

So, the next time your child falls to tears, do not be so quick to shush them. Put an arm around them and allow them the emotional space to release what is bothering them.

When your notoriously emotional co-worker has tears streaming down their face, allow them to purge their feelings and move back to work.

This life can be hard. We all need healthy ways to release the stress, the sadness, the anger. If crying is your way, embrace it. Life is too short to carry unnecessary burdens. Release what you no longer need.

Have a good cry today if you need one, Lovelies. I'll pass you the tissues.

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