Friday, May 1, 2015

Please World: Be Kind to my Children


When I look upon my children, ages 13, 9 and 5, I do not see them as the growing children they currently are. I see them as defenseless babies. I imagine that I am not alone in this.

As I send my children out into the world- to school, to church, to sports... I send out a silent wish for the world to be kind to them.

To be kind to them when they, too, are kind.

To be kind to them when they are flawed and forget to be kind.

To be kind to them when they are loveable.

To be kind to them when they are not so loveable.

For they are my babies and I am entrusting them to a sometimes cruel world. I know their hearts and the purity within and I simultaneously want the world to see this innocence and fear that the world will take advantage of such purity.

I remember after the birth of my first child, my son- taking our first walk down the hallways at the hospital. He was snuggled into the wheeled bassinet. Me, waddling gently with one hand across my c-section scar. We wheeled over to the nursery and I gazed upon the sleeping children within. I looked upon my son and my knew that my heart had swelled to many times its former size. As I looked upon the infants in the nursery, I knew that there were many mothers in this hospital feeling the same feelings. It was a profound moment for me.

We are each a mother's child. Someone out there loves us in an unspeakably deep way.

The sweet curly-haired child at the park- Some mother's child.

The infant crying on the bus- Some mother's child.

The perpetually dirty, loud-mouthed boy who bullied your daughter at school- Some mother's child.

The cranky secretary at the dentist's office- Some mother's child.

Every child, every adult. Kind or cruel in this moment- Some mother's child.

We are each a mother's child. I grant you that all mothers(and fathers) are not capable in loving in the way that all children are deserving of. This fact alone should make us love each other more, not less.

Please, Dear World: Please, please, please- Love my children as your own.

Please, Dear World: Please, please, please- Love EVERY child as your own. For they are each some mother's child.

Love on, Dear Ones. For YOU are some mother's child. You are treasured, whether you know it or not.

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